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Do your banking when you want, day or night. A self-serve banking facility that lets you withdraw cash, pay bills, loans, and more using your debit or credit card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

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Loan securely countrywide.

Loan around the corner or around the country. You can now loan securely and with less worry thanks to Duman Kan.*


Choose a Loan Plan

Choose from our list of loans plans, that which suites you.


Show a means of payback.

A valid source of income and possible collatoral


Feel secure, start to finish.

Easily apply and secure your loan.


Whenever and wherever you need us.

Learn about our solutions to help you bank on the go.

Home Loan

Acquire a loan for home developement

Phone Banking

Easily bank on the go with our telephone banking system.

Real Estate

With our Real Estate deals, you can easily become a home owner.

Education Support

Get sponsored through our education support program

Nationwide Access

With our credit cards, you have nation wide access

Business Sponsorship

We offer a wide range of business sposnsorship programmes.

Fund Security

With our end-to-end encryption system, your online transactions are secured.


Get an insurrance cover for your home and business

Loan Calculator

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Loan Services

Ready access to cash and flexible loan terms promote business longevity throughout times of growth or change, while preparing your business for its future.


What does Home Loan Advisor do?

With a home Lone advisor, your loan:


What does Car Loan Advisordo?

With a Car Lone advisor, your loan:


What does Real State Advisor do?

With a real Estate Lone advisor, your loan:


What does Education Loan Advisor do?

With an Education Lone advisor, your loan:


What Business Loan Advisor do?

With a Business Lone advisor, your loan:

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